Tidbury Creek Farms Nursery

313 Spotswood Gravel Hill Road Monroe Township, NJ 08831


About Tidbury Creek Farms Nursery

Our Company

Tidbury Creek Farms Nursery is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery and supply yard, established by the late Robert Hluchy, Sr. and now soley operated and managed by his sons.


Formerly known as Robert E. Hluchy Farms, Tidbury Creek Farms embraces the same quality oriented values established from over forty years of successful agribusiness.


Traditionally grain and vegetable farmers, the Hluchy Family diversified operations due to dramatic changes of the surrounding landscape while still maintaining the grain operation.  It slowly developed into a full scale landscape nursery, completely altering the primary focus of the business from farm to nursery operation to provide customers with a diverse inventory of high quality plant material for a fair and reasonable price.


 Our growing facilities range from central to southern New Jersey and all the way to Delaware.  We have many acres of land and  greenhouses designated to the growth of shrubs and trees by various methods, such as propagation and drip irrigation. 


As fourth generation farmers with a current emphasis on rye, field corn, & soybeans, the Hluchy family prides themselves on their contribution to preserving and maintaining farmland in central New Jersey.